Middle School


Welcome to Middle School where transition and growing up experiences are great! The St. Paul Middle School program is focused on helping the students move from childhood to adolescence. While academics become more challenging and independent critical thinking is encouraged, the students are also supported and nurtured, based on their individual needs, to transition into young adolescents.

The Middle School environment is challenging, yet nurturing. It is designed to prepare students to accept increasing responsibility for class preparation, effective study skills, organizational skills, and personal involvement in their own education. Growth and transition from childhood to adolescence is nurtured by helping the students recognize the connections between actions and consequences, effort and achievement, perseverance and accomplishment of goals.  

The curriculum is geared towards mastery of basic skills in reading, writing, listening and math. It likewise promotes maturation of reasoning skills and advancement from concrete to abstract thinking thru various classroom and other activities. The overall goal is to enable students to develop increasingly sophisticated cognitive and affective skills in preparation for the challenges of high school.