Welcome to Elementary School where meaningful relationships inspire transformative learning! St. Paul Christian School develops first through fifth graders into curious and independent young learners who are collaborative critical thinkers. The focus is on building a solid academic foundation for the students while developing the key values espoused by the school. At the heart of this development level in the school is the relationship built between teachers and students in and out of the classroom environment. In addition to the increasingly rigid core academic areas, students experience challenges and learnings that enable them to explore their other talents and gifts. Classes and activities in drama, art, physical education, technology, media and music are introduced at these grade levels. Special events, field trips, outdoor education activities, and assemblies are just some of the other activities the students experience to enhance their overall academic learning. At the end of their Elementary School, the students are better prepared for the academic rigors of the higher levels as well as the social challenges of growing into older.