Here at Saint Paul, we value the experience over the accolades. We believe all children can grow and reach a fuller potential through hard work and initiative. We focus on developing the whole child with a firm spiritual foundation and a strong academic experience are highly valued, as are critical thinking and emotional grounding.

Health, Safety and Security

The health, safety and security of our students is our top priority at Saint Paul School. We have dedicated professionals who work to make sure that our students are protected at all times and that they are well taken care of should they become ill.  We also monitor the latest health bulletins from the CDC and will post any timely information to our site when it is available.

The school maintains a clinic, staffed with a trained and certified medical assistant (OR REGISTERED NURSE) during school hours. The clinic is located in the Main Office. The Clinic is responsible for:

  • Assessing student illnesses and injuries, and providing appropriate care
  • Addressing student chronic health concerns such as asthma, food or other allergies, diabetes, and implementing specific care plans for managing these issues while the student is at school
  • Maintaining all student health records, and immunization forms
  • Providing health education to students, faculty and parents
  • Making appropriate referrals to physicians when student health issues cannot be handled in the clinic
  • Training faculty and staff on CPR, and ensuring all staff are properly trained
  • Maintaining and educating on the use and care of Automated External Defibrillators.
  • The school nurse is a member of the emergency response team

The school has two security personnel on campus at all times during the school day and at least one officer during after-hours when special events are on campus. The officers continually monitor the campus and work to ensure all safety measures are followed.