Academics Overview

St. Paul Christian School offers challenging, hands-on learning opportunities for its students. SPCS focuses on providing instruction that meets the needs of each individual student. It prepares students to be strong in all subjects and ultimately thrive in the outside world. It aims to nurture self-confidence and critical independent thinking. The atmosphere is conducive to learning in a stimulating yet encouraging environment.

+ Philosophy

St. Paul Christian School is committed to providing its students with an academic experience that will serve them well beyond the walls of the school and enable them to excel in the dynamic environment of 21st century society. Towards this end, the school incorporates the development of specific technical competencies into the curriculum to prepare students for success in an increasingly digital world. SPCS consistently upgrades its technological infrastructure to match current industry standards, including wireless network, operating systems, computer and server hardware, and classroom software.

+ Ebooks

St. Paul Christian School is the first school on Guam to utilize e-books in all its core subject areas. Utilizing e-books allows students full access to the classroom no matter where they are. Moreover, the interactive portion of the student e-books brings a deeper dimension to the learning experience.

+ Renweb

Renweb is a Student Information System that allows an open flow of communication between parents, students, teachers, and administrators. It enables:

  1. Parents and students to be fully updated on all lesson plans
  2. Parents to easily monitor their child’s/children’s attendance and academic progress
  3. Students and parents to receive parent alerts
  4. Announcements such as school closure, athletic competitions, or team practices to be quickly shared

+ Integration of Technology

The integration of technology across the curriculum not only provides relevance but also reinforces the skills students need to perform authentic tasks. It is not a promise for the future; it is part of the school’s education model for today. SPCS strongly believes that students familiar with technology today will enter the workforce better prepared to succeed.